Chakra Crystal Set

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Gorgeous, genuine, tumbled stones and crystals make up this balanced set to help align and heal your Chakras. Each stone is picked with an intention for each Chakra to harmonize and heal. This crystal set makes a great gift or addition to your meditation practice.
Please note due to gemstone impurities and unique individuality, stones may vary in size and color - photographs on computers/phones may look slightly different in shade than in real life. Take a look at the stones gathered in the photo to see the possible variations for each.

Included in this set:
7 Chakras and their matching stones:
Root - Hematite
Sacral - Red Jasper
Solar Plexus - Citrine
Heart - Green Aventurine
Throat - Sodalite
Third Eye - Amethyst
Crown - Clear Quartz
Fabric pouch for carrying + Crystal notecard